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Being Happy is Easy. Kind Of. Not Really.

Since we returned from Kernville, I’ve been having a hard time staying motivated. And by motivated, I mean willing to do all of my other work so that I can keep BlackCat going. And by THAT, I mean I just want to quit my job, sell everything I have, and buy a building to park my truck in and serve coffee, and make clothes, and be on Instagram all day long.

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Support Your Friends...Even If They're Screaming.

For the most part, I've been holding it together and reassuring myself something will come along. And in the slump of a depression earlier this week, I realized how most of the people we know are going through the same thing: uncertainly. Family, business, bills, money, relationships, it goes on and on. BUT, as I was talking to Nick this week, the coolest thing I've experienced, especially in the moto community, is the level of support for each other. 

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Look Back At It

1 year ago, I had never pulled an espresso shot. I mean I didn’t even know how to roast coffee or that coffee actually needed to be roasted. I had never actually made coffee for anyone before. I didn't know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte (PS. Do YOU know the difference? It’s the milk ratio. You’re welcome.). 1 year ago, I never thought that an idea I had while Cory and I were on tour in a van would actually be possible and this week we are one step closer to getting there.

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Inked, Ironed, and Befriended: Matt Allard

wanted to unload and talk about how much I fangirled over just being able to meet Matt and how rad his fancy boy accent is, but after reading over this little interview, I think that just talking about how much I like Matt and Inked Iron, would take away from what Matt has to say. Long story short: Friendship is tight. Meeting other business owners that hustle their 9-5 and their passion projects and their families all at once is tight.

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