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Cowboy Boots and a Camera: The Story of Friendship

Errol has become less and less of a business relationship and truly one of my dearest friends and inspirations to keep the grind up-He also somehow started a hashtag that's literally just #ShutUpNick. I don't know how that happened. I think every time that we talk and I'm able to get a glimpse of the moves he is trying to make, it causes me to dig even deeper into what I've got. It's not competition, it's setting an unspoken standard that we hold each other to.

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Story Corner with Uncle Niko

I was talking to a friend at church about being tired-I've realized that my friends and I talk about being tired alot, which is kind of tight, because usually my friends are tired from also working their 9-5 jobs, side hustle, church gig, being a person etc.- but we were talking about what I love referring to as, "The Hustle". It makes all the work you do sound WAY cooler than, "The Constant Feeling of Being Poor and Tired and Mad That You're Poor and Tired." 

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Being a Person is Hard.

This episode is brought to you by the number 4 and the letter F. 
4 because that's how many times I have rewritten this post.
F because thats the beginning of the 4 letter word I keep yelling when I decide I need to start over (The word is "Fart," get your minds out of the gutter, children).

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Cookies and Friendship

Vinyl is having a one year anniversary party in Los Angeles at the Allright Collective (Don't worry, baby birds, the location is tagged in the blog and on our Instagram, @BlackCatMotorCoffee) and we are honored to be in attendence, serving coffee, cocktails, and coffee cocktails.

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