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Look Back At It

Think about a time where you didn’t know how to do something you know how to do today.
Let me rephrase,
Think about a time where you said to yourself, “I want this. I’m going to learn how to do this.”
Let me rephrase again,
Think about a time that changed your life forever.

In March, Cory and I started working on our mobile coffee truck: The Cat Mobile.
In April, we hit out Kickstarter goal. We actually crushed our Kickstarter goal-Thanks to all of you.
In May, June, July, and August, we hustled our butts off. Working our 9-5 jobs, church jobs, side hustles, sleeping sometimes, working all the time, building the truck out, CAD drawings, binging on Orange County Health regulations, and screaming. Alot of screaming.

We finished painting the truck this week. Water is running. Espresso machine works. Refrigerator was installed, countertops, electricity run and most of all….the truck turns over. I mean it runs. I mean we can drive it. So THAT’S important.

The truck is 90% done. I mean there are little things here and there, but the truck can operate as a functional tiny mobile coffee shop. Just in time for our 1 year operational BlackCat anniversary. We’re celebrating at Biltwell’s 2018 Kernville Kampout.

1 year ago, I had never pulled an espresso shot. I mean I didn’t even know how to roast coffee or that coffee actually needed to be roasted. I had never actually made coffee for anyone before. I didn't know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte (PS. Do YOU know the difference? It’s the milk ratio. You’re welcome.). 1 year ago, I never thought that an idea I had while Cory and I were on tour in a van would actually be possible and this week we are one step closer to getting there.

And I couldn’t even be happy about it.

I think mostly because I know that there is still so much more I want to do, when someone says, “Dude! Truck looks great! You must be so stoked!” I WANT to say, “OH HECK YEP I AM!” and I do say that…But I want to mean it. And FEEL it.

I asked if you remembered the moment that changed your life-The moment where you went from not knowing ANYTHING to inhaling as much knowledge as you could. I asked because it’s good to remember where you came from, a way to remind yourself to be proud of the things you’ve done to get to where you are now. And it may seem like the smallest babiest step, it feels like you are dragging yourself to the next small baby step. But when you look back, when you REALLY look back to where you started and see the progress, I think it helps.

We didn't roast our own coffee. We didn’t have a truck. We didn't have an espresso machine. We didn’t even really have gear, a year ago. But last night I roasted 10 pounds of espresso, heat pressed 30 shirts and sweaters, checked in with Cory about our truck, and talked about the correct ratios for the espresso machine installed into the countertops. We have come a long way since day 1.

Alot can change in a year. I think it’s important to remember that. I trying to remember that.

And I am STOKED to see everyone at Kernville this weekend.

Happy Anniversary, BlackCat. Happy Wednesday, everyone. — Nick