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Support Your Friends...Even If They're Screaming.

Nick (Left) and Cory (Right) on their way to every event ever.

Nick (Left) and Cory (Right) on their way to every event ever.

It's Halloween, of course we're gonna include a picture of something spooky on two wheels.

This is also a great reenactment of my first time on the freeway on my bike.

Actually, this has been me the past 3 weeks: screaming into the void of uncertainty.

I've been at home the past 3 weeks thanks to my day job recently laying me off. And as much as I've enjoyed sleeping in and staying home for the most part, the level of financial uncertainty is NEVER a fun one. We all got rent due at the first of the month and other super fun bills to pay. 

For the most part, I've been holding it together and reassuring myself something will come along. And in the slump of a depression earlier this week, I realized how most of the people we know are going through the same thing: uncertainly. Family, business, bills, money, relationships, it goes on and on. BUT, as I was talking to Nick this week, the coolest thing I've experienced, especially in the moto community, is the level of support for each other. 

The first SoCal Off Road Swap we vended at we couldn't get our generator to work and our buddy, Steve, spent hours of his time-where he could’ve been vending, to basically take half the thing apart to find out what the problem was-it was the choke. It was a weird morning. We hit some snags up at Kernville this year, thanks to no doing of our own. Well maybe, our name is BlackCat, nothing is ever too smooth for us. The second day our tent got picked up by a gnarly gust of wind and almost snapped in half, but thankfully the security team helped us get it back upright and anchored to the ground. Later that evening, it started to rain and we found some fun leaks in the roof, so our buddy Jesse climbed up on top and helped us secure a tarp over the top of the truck.


I promise I'm not trying to suck up here to get approval or for you to buy more coffee or anything. At all the events BlackCat has vended at or been to, seeing all the buddies wanting to see their fellow small businesses want to succeed has been SUPER encouraging. And what's even cooler is seeing business relationship bleed over into our day-to-day lives, as I'm seeing buddies helping each other with family, pets, housing situations, everything!

The moto community has been the strongest one I've ever encountered. The level of support we all have for each other gives me drive to keep going. You may get tired of hearing BlackCat talk about community, but that's honestly what we're about. We want to be buddies with everyone and make sure you're taken care of. 

Just to circle back real quick, I did get a full-time job offer yesterday, and am pretty stoked to start real soon.

Love you guys.

On a personal note, it's me and Jerika's 3 year anniversary. Tell her you like her costume and invite her over to watch a scary movie, cause I sure as hell won't :) — Cory

Epilogue by Nick Galaura:
Please pray for Cory. There’s nothing wrong with him, he just won’t watch a single scary movie. On a separate note, if you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve heard us talk about community. If you are struggling with anything-We mean ANYTHING. Reach out. Call us. We are here for you. This community is more than just motorcycles, coffee, dad jokes and pictures of grumpy frogs every week-This community is family. Families support each other.