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Someone Out There Loves You

It’s me.

Today I wanted to talk about Christmas. Well. I want to talk about holidays. I realize that people don’t all celebrate Christmas. That’s fine. Holiday post.

For a lot of you guys, the holiday season is pretty fantastic: Time for families to come together, hang out, eat food, time off of work is always tight, friendship, parties, more food, presents, reasons to be thankful, and an overall sense joy because it’s the end of the year and in a few weeks, the new year gives a chance to start with some new goals and plans for the next 365 days. Sometimes 366. Leap years. Those are important too. Also, food.

But for some of you buddies, the holidays are freaking hard. For some of you, they are just the worst. And I’m not even talking about the whole, “I can’t afford presents, taking time off-I don’t even HAVE paid time off, I can’t afford nice things.” I mean-I am talking about that, that sucks. But what I’m really talking about is the difficulty in seeing other people celebrate with their families, their friends, and loved ones and while you are super happy for them, you’re also dealing with the sinking feeling that you are alone.

Been there.

For a while, it was hard to see anyone. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays—Anything. My family lived 8 hours away, I was working a job that didn’t really allow me to take time off, not that I could afford to. Even if I had the time off, it was one of those things that I couldn’t really even afford. And I felt alone. And jealous. And became super bitter with the people that were able to do all of the things that I wished I could be doing during a time like that. People that I loved. And the people that I loved, were loving their people, and that made me up. SET. Because in my head, “It just wasn’t fair.”

I want to be clear, my family has always been there for me. My friends have been there to support me in tough times. The toughest. And when things got dark, there were people there to pull me out of it, or at least try their best. It’s important. It’s necessary. And it is a privilege that I know that some do not have the blessing of experiencing.

So maybe this year, we change that for someone we know.

If there is anyone that’s doing their thing on their own for the holidays, invite them over-to your house, to church, to a party, on a ride, grabbing breakfast, something-ANYTHING. And if they decline, that’s totally okay. Being social at ANY point of the year can be difficult. At my lowest, the last thing I wanted to do was to hang out with people. But it was the fact that someone thought about me enough to reach out-THAT was the thing. That’s what meant the most.

I don’t have a big huge story this week. I didn't really think that this post needed one. If you wanna dig into the archives, go read the post titled, “Would You Be Mine? Could You Be Mine?”. (I linked it. I realized that no one wants to click through 5 pages of memes…unless you do…Then you can still do that.) In the post, I tell a story about how I realized I had no idea who my neighbors were and how it’s really important to know the people around you.

I find myself telling friends and people I meet at shows or events, “Please let me know if there is anything you need.” And I mean that. If you’re having a hard time, whether it’s the holidays or just being a person, I am here for you. We are here for you. And we know some pretty incredible people that will be there for you as well. We are all trying to figure this out together. This is a support system. This is a group of friends. And friends support each other, protect one another, and lift you up when you’re falling behind. You are loved.
Happy Wednesday.
-— Nick

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