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Everything Was Terrible and Nothing Not on Fire.

I'm going to be completely honest today, guys. I didn't have anything planned for today. 
I usually don't have a plan for the blog posts, but today, I just didn't have anything that I felt was important enough to really talk about long enough for anyone to get anything out of it. 

You see, this week has been rough. 

It’s been busy, working a regular 8-5 job, running with this business and making sure I'm taking care of the responsibilities that come with fulfilling orders, social media, customer service, XYZ, maintaining a healthy relationship with sleep (or you know...a dysfunctional relationship with sleep), church, bible study, book club, learning to balance work and real-life, bills, I’ve burnt a bunch of beans, the screens we use for all of our shirts have just royally malfunctioning-it’s been a long week. It's only Wednesday. 

I don't have any real advice with how to cope with being a person, honestly. I am still learning how to be a person, myself. 

I think that sometimes I live in some alternate reality where I just truly believe that everything is going to work out in the end, regardless of the circumstance. It's fine. It's gonna be fine. 

I was reminiscing with one of my closest friends-he's family, really, about when my entire life fell apart within the span of a month, and he said this: "One thing I remember super vividly is every time we would talk about all that [stuff] is that you would always [say], 'It's got to get better. I know it will get better.' Which was so crazy at the time but looking back on it just seems even more crazy." Sean was one of the biggest supports in my life at that time. He saw me at the lowest point in my life-a place I didn't even know existed, really. 

I don't mean this to say that just staying positive is going to make everything better and that because you stayed positive, nothing bad ever happened. Because it's just not. Anyone that has an understanding of how life works or just, you know, a person, knows that life gets tricky. Acknowledging when your situation sucks is 100% normal and absolutely okay-you know what? I would say that when you're in a situation that's tough or hard or unfair or just all around [insert adjective for bad], it is absolutely required that you acknowledge how much it sucks. Because it does. And that's okay. 

But just from my personal experience-depression, anxiety, losing jobs I loved, a failed marriage, losing everything all at once-I think those terrible times are like being forged in fire. It's like building callouses. It's like being carved out of wood. The times that are tough and that are stressful and make you wanna pull all your hair out, smoke like 40 cigarettes, and then call your mom are the same times that once you get through them- and you will, because that's how life works; things fall apart, we pick them up-even when we aren't ready-and figure out a way to stick it all back together. 

I don't have any answers for you. If you know someone that might have some, you let me know because I would like to talk to that person. 

I just want you to know we are here. 

Figuring it all out with you. --Nick 

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