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No Man is an Island

Today is a little different. This week is actually a little different. On Friday we dropped a Kickstarter. Right before it went live, I said to my computer (sometimes you just have to talk to your things), "Please don't tank again. Please." I can't stop refreshing the Kickstarter on my phone. I cant stop checking all of our social media. It's not because of the money. It's because of you. Each and every single one of you. I am overwhelmed by the community that we are a part of. I am absolutely beside myself and in actual awe of the support that we have received to make the dream happen. I am thankful for all of you. Here is this week's #BlackCatBlogClub. -- Nick

** If you haven't had a chance to read about the Kickstarter, you can find it here. This is a call to action-a chance to impact your community. Not an obligation to give us your money. 

BlackCatNick Galaura