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Balance and Exposure

Have you guys realized we’re already in March? Thank god, right? I think most of us are happy to put as much distance as possible between today and the dumpster fire known as 2017. I hope your 2018 feels a little lighter -- but if I’m honest, I still see many people in my life struggling to maintain balance, myself included.


A few weeks ago, Nick wrote about not having all of the answers, feeling burned out, and realizing it’s ok not to be ok. Here at BlackCat, we’re getting pretty used to saying, “Well, that’s tricky,” with a head nod and a laugh whenever something doesn’t go our way. But when those somethings pile up, it can feel all too overwhelming.


Where do you even start?


A friend once told me, “You’ll be less fragile and overwhelmed when you make room for the immensities of life. When the time comes, there’s already a place for them.”


What a shift in perspective. When we view the hard stuff in life as having equal importance as the easy, it creates space to learn from everything that comes your way. It no longer feels like we need to squeeze past the bad as quickly as possible in order to return to the good. Good no longer is the norm.


Some days it will be harder to get out of bed.

Some days you’ll wish never had to happen.

Some days you’ll hope never come to an end.

Some days you’ll tackle the world.

Heavy and light, they’re all an invitation to walk away different.

Better. Wiser. More self-aware.


If the dumpster fire is still burning for you, call a friend to be your fire extinguisher today. We all need one at some point.



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