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Going Nowhere. Going Everywhere. Doing all the things.

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to work alongside some of the raddest brands that I have only ever seen on Instagram and in the pages of Dice Magazine (It's the only magazine subscription that I have ever had). Woke up at 4. On the road by 5. Set up by 9. Cranked until the sun went down. 

There were a few times during the day where I just stood under our tent, drinking a cup of coffee that I made myself, and thinking, "How the CRAP did this happen?"

I know this isn't the usual "Here's an experience I had this week," Mr. Rogers Neighborhood-type of post this week. It's more like a progress report. Cory, Shannon, Megan the Intern, and I all have jobs outside of BlackCat. Maybe not Megan. Megan's lazy. (Megan's actually taking a full schedule as a college student studying fashion marketing in Orange County, but whatever. Lazy.) But aside from the full-time jobs, the outside gigs, church stuff, family stuff, friend stuff, I'm-too-tired-to-not-lay-on-the-floor stuff, we are here. 

I always say, "We're here. We're trying." 

I think it's because I'm just not happy staying still with this company. This is my baby. I want it to do well. I want it to grow and influence people that want to invest in their communities to go out and do it.

But after this weekend, after meeting so many amazing people and business owners that I personally look up to, and hold in some of the highest regard. After being able to trade stories with other small business owners, give advice, take advice, high-five, and hang out with some of the raddest motorcycle builders, clothing companies, musicians, and artists, I am realizing:

We're here. We're doing it.

Thank you for being here. 


Here's a few photos taken by our friend Jeff Shultz. He's pretty rad. You should check him out. 

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