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Coffee Shop Spotlight: Falcon Coffee

In Nashville, it seems like a new coffee shop opens every month (Don't get me wrong-- I'm definitely not complaining). Every shop has its own personality, environment, and menu to reflect the neighborhood it's in. Do you take your coffee v seriously? We've got award-winning, expert baristas. Do you want to give back to the community while you sip? We've got nonprofit cafes. Do you need an outlet and free wifi for a day? We've got cozy shops to hunker down in. There's something here for just about everyone.

This past week, however, a new shop opened in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood that caters to a group of Nashvillians who have long-lived on the fringes-- vegetarians and vegans. I was already thrilled that a new shop was opening in my neck of the woods, and even more thrilled to hear that it would be a zero-waste facility with green business practices. But when I saw that Falcon's menu was a variety of plant-based options featuring local partners, the BE-Hive, I had already committed in my heart to Falcon being my new, go-to spot (Everybody needs a go-to shop. If you don't have one-- get out there).

photo: Jesse Laino

photo: Jesse Laino

Falcon's partnering with our community in a number of other ways, too. When I first visited a few days ago, I kindly got a tour of the adjoining cocktail space called the Flamingo (Yes- the building is pink. And it's cuter than you could imagine), that will also serve as a venue for local workshops and events, and for showcasing local artists' work. According to their website, Flamingo's menu will "seasonally feature local designers and creatives, highlighting their talents-- from hair and makeup, interior installation, performance, costumes, and uniforms." I have no idea what a menu highlighting costumery will look like, but I'm stoked.

And then there's the coffee. Falcon's partnered with local, wholesale roaster, Osa Coffee. Osa's a small-batch roastery led by two friends with over 20 years experience, and it shows.

Falcon's renovated church space is light and airy, filled with plants and Cuban vibes. The bar stools are *actually* comfortable and there are outlets everywhere. I'm so sold, I had to write a blog post about it.

photo: Jesse Laino

photo: Jesse Laino

If you're in Nashville and haven't made it over to the black building on Houston street yet, I hope you can find time to soon (I recommend the French Dip + Cubano). Grab a conversation with any of the team and you'll quickly see how committed they are to creating a comfortable space for building community and exchanging ideas. And at BlackCat, we think that's the kind of business worth celebrating.





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