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HA. Same.

I had a post locked in and ready to go about how I found a quarter on the ground and how I'm really happy that the little things still matter to me, like finding quarters on the ground or when I get to leave my regular 9-5 early. 

But last night I got a message that made me really really uncomfortable.  I have a friend that lives in Oregon. We've been friends for the past few years but I feel like lately, we have these heavier conversations and have questions that I just don't have the answers to. 

I’ve been feeling really ambitious lately. Not individually driven like usual, where I wanna be the best and do all the things, because that’s me all the time. But like. I wanna make a difference.

And before I even had a second to process really what I was feeling, I just said to my phone, "Freakin. Same." (I feel like saying, "SAME!" is such a fun thing. I don't know why. Don't @ me.)

I am uncomfortable. 
I do not like where I am. 
As a person. As a business owner. How the business is right now. 
I am antsy.
I want the things now.
I want to have an impact.
The truck.
The shop. 
The 5 year plan.
The full-time. 

Next message:

...Where do I start? ...What can I do?

And again, "SAME." I feel like I ask myself the same question every day. You know, those late night or early morning questions you have when really you're just having a conversation with yourself, expecting you to have the answer for the questions you have...for yourself...

I needed to get this down in an actual medium because I really want to know, what can we do? 
Right now Orange County is somehow in a battle AGAINST placing the homeless population into actual places stay. I have no idea how or why that's even possible, but this is where we are. How do we change it? Where do we start? 

We are doing our best but we can't do this alone. 
Coffee and clothing and hangs are rad.
Those are the things that this company was built on.

But the thing that drives BlackCat is the never-ending desire to take the community that has welcomed us with absolute open arms and take it to a place where really, it becomes a movement of people taking care of other people.

How can we help? Where can we go? What can we do?

I will probably never stop asking and if you have any answers, ideas, or suggestions, I want to know about them. BlackCat has always been a hub for people to come together and my hope is that one day, the business is able to allow us to spend all of our time doing this. 

Happy Wednesday.