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Wear Make Up. Have Fun.

This week's BlackCat Blog Club is brought to you by friendship, high fives, too much coffee, and too little sleep. 

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to meet up and kick it with some of the raddest people I have ever known. We shot a makeup look book for one of our friends, Sheena.

Sheena owns and solely runs Vinyl Cosmetics, a bold and in-your-freaking-face, environmentally friendly and just all around wicked cosmetics company out of Los Angeles. The day started by meeting up at the local bar (Goat Hill Tavern. It's kind of a Costa Mesa standard if you're ever in town-If you like beer or or sitting in a building with no roof, this is your new spot. You're welcome.) and right when everyone started filtering in for this shoot, hanging out, grabbing drinks, handing out buttons and stickers and patches from each of our own individual small businesses, I realized something (Here we go):

Everyone that showed up was here to help out a friend. We rode from all over and without really saying it, we all agreed that we believed in this brand enough to donate our time and our day to furthering Sheena's progress with her company. 

I mean half of us didn't even know each other.

Really, I had met Sheena through instagram, and even beyond THAT, I was introduced to Sheena through a mutual friend, Genevieve-owner of Wild Dogs Co. And Genevieve, I met through instagram...because BlackCat was on Girl on a Moto's podcast, and Genevieve is awesome and reached out and somehow we're serving coffee for A Forrest to be Reckoned with on May 20th. You should totally come. 

I didn't want today's post to run super long. I really just wanted to be able to talk about how great friendship is. It's pretty great. And when you believe in your friends, you back them. That's just the way it works! It was just really incredible and absolutely inspiring to witness it first hand. 

Happy Wednesday.