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A Forrest to be Reckoned With

On Sunday at 7AM, BlackCat loaded into the front of Newcomb's Ranch; a local destination diner and moto shop on the side of a big windy road on a mountain in the Los Angeles area.

It was cold. Then it was hot. There was no cell service. Supposedly, there was WiFi but we couldn't ever find it...and it was one of the best depictions of the Motorcycle Community that we have ever seen. It wasn't a "Harley Event" and it wasn't a "Street Bike Event". It wasn't really even an EVENT! It was just a group of people that came to support a cause and spend time supporting the small businesses in their community. 

A Forrest to be Reckoned With was created and run by Genevieve Mariani, one of the raddest people and hardest hustlers I have ever had the blessing to meet. Genevieve owns Wild Dogs Co. and if you haven't had a chance to check them out, you have made a mistake and you should rectify that ASAP (@wilddogsco). Their bio alone tells you EXACTLY why I would want to align BlackCat with someone like Genevieve and Wild Dogs: "Motorcyclists, adventurers, and activists for animals, wilderness, [and] gender equality." 

From 9am to 2pm (But closer to 3pm) we doled out coffee, high fives, laughs, and a couple of tantrums to some of the coolest people and fellow companies who are all trying to do the same thing we are: Do what we love and make a lasting mark and difference in our communities. 

Photos: John Ryan Hebert (@CommonBloodMoto)

Photos: Errol Collandro (@El3Productions)

Photos: Jesse Contreras (@RambleonJesse)