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Cookies and Friendship

Welcome back, friends.
If it's your first time to Blog Club, hello! 

Tomorrow BlackCat is celebrating the hustle of a fellow company, Vinyl Cosmetics - environmentally friendly, derived from earth's natural resources, and containing only the highest grade ingredients, Sheena has come up with a way to take a brand and build an inclusive and thriving culture of Make Up Artists, musicians, artists, and people with passion that just love her product.

Vinyl is having a one year anniversary party in Los Angeles at the Allright Collective (Don't worry, baby birds, the location is tagged in the blog and on our Instagram, @BlackCatMotorCoffee) and we are honored to be in attendence, serving coffee, cocktails, and coffee cocktails. 


We've got a couple of baked goods, one which incorporates our very own coffee. 
My very own Riley Fields is an incredible baker, so when she told me she could make coffee chocolate chip cookies, I lost my freakin mind. 
Today's Blog Club is dedicated to snacks, friendship, coffee, and the hope that we will see you tomorrow night at 6pm in Los Angeles. Here is a recipe for Riley Fields' Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies:

2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp ground coffee
1 cup white sugar
1 cup brown
2 sticks butter
2 eggs
1 bag chocolate chips
Course salt for cookie tops

Mix dry in one bowl
Mix sugar and butter then add eggs one at a time to sugar mix
Slowly add dry ingredients to wet
Once incorporated add in chocolate chips
Bake 375 for 10 min
Garnish with salt

I would include a photo...but I'm going to be honest, I ate them all and got in trouble for not taking a photo first. Whoops. 

We're only half way through the week. I am tired, I've been VERY caffeinated and very sleepy at the same time while I built all of these coffee cocktails-I think they're coming out pretty solid. I am not a bartender. I have a weird headache at work today, I'm pretty stressed out-which isn't new-but it happens before every event we do. It's going to be a great week. I am so excited to meet those of you that can make it to Celebrate Sheena and connect with all of the other small businesses that are going to be filling the Allright space. We'll see you there.

Happy Wednesday. -- Nick