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The Passion is Raw but the Hotdogs are Cooked.

Have you ever tried losing weight? Like one day, you wake up and you're like, "Today's the day. Today is the day that I start eating healthier, I'm gonna exercise, I've got this awesome diet plan that I found on the internet-I'm getting that summer bod. STAND BACK EVERYONE, SUMMER BOD IN PROGRESS" and you start cranking it out, you're working out, you're eating all the vegetables, you're doing it. You're getting it DONE. You are feeling GOOD, you've been lifting heavy, you've stayed away from cake, and you step on that scale....and you are the exact same weight, you look the same, and your clothes are still a little bit too tight. Because it's been 3 days that has felt like 6 months and you're tired. So you make yourself feel better and eat an entire baguette. 


1. This is a true story. About me. 2 years ago.
2. This is also a true feeling with how I sometimes feel about this company. 

If you're starting a small business or a project-whether its alone or with your friends or your mom or whatever, when the excitement of, "I'M DOING A THING!" fades, you're left with that question of, "Is this it? Is this what I'm doing?" And let me tell you, it is NOT the best. But it is important. Because you remember that there is still more work to do. Always. 

So lately I've been wanting to talk to other business owners, other artists, other "makers" to see what it is they do, how do they stay on the straight and narrow? Is there a straight and narrow? How did they start? What's their favorite color? ARE THEY A PERSON LIKE ME!? I decided that every month, along with featuring another coffee shop, I'm going to bother a buddy and just talk about what their doing and how they got to where they are. Seeing someone hustle, produce fantastic work, and fully know that they aren't in an unachievable place that I can set a goal for helps. I don't know why, but maybe seeing that someone you look up to is human is important to remember. This week I want to formally introduce you to one of my favorite artists and closest friends, Taylor Phillips. 

DISCLAIMER: I have never actually interviewed a person before. So. Just keep that in mind when you read this interview. Enjoy.

1. Please state your name for the record. Your full name. I want your middle name. 
   Taylor Matthew Phillips
2. Where you from?
    Riverside, CA
3. How old are you?
4. What do you do for work?
 I currently work for the City of Riverside
5. How did you first start getting into drawing/art/being awesome? What was it that made you go, “THIS. This is the thing for me”?
    Growing up, I really enjoyed drawing and painting. Whether it was making mix cd sleeves for friends or painting skateboards for art class, I’ve always enjoyed the process of just making stuff. No matter what sort of riff-raff was going on in my life, drawing and painting provided an awesome escape where I could turn my brain off. 

After high school, I was introduced to the world of graphic design and absolutely loved it. Design opened this awesome door of creating shirt designs, gig posters and even allowed me to intern with one of my favorite record labels.
6. What is one thing that someone that is trying to do what you do should know? 
Whether you’re working towards becoming a graphic designer or the very best pizza delivery driver, stay humble and always maintain the mindset of a student.
7. What’s your favorite color?
8. Tell me one thing you love about what you do?
One thing I love about graphic design is helping a client bring their idea to life.
9. Tell me one thing you hate about what you do? Why? Is there something that could change about it so that it could also be something you love?
The one thing I struggle with in design is saying, “No” to potential clients. Sometimes folks will approach you with work that is unpaid or rushed and I’ve said yes to those projects countless times over the years. But as of recently, I’ve finally learned to say, “No” and it’s been one of the hardest, yet rewarding things (that’s what she said).
10. What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made? Do you have one? Why? Why not? Do you like me? Do you think I’m pretty?
One of my favorite recent projects was the Black Cat Kick Starter designs. Nick gave me free range to do as I please and I had a blast drawing up the designs for this great cause. (He avoided telling me that he thought I was pretty. So. Whatever.)

Taylor is one of my favorite artists. It's not only because he is incredible with the Pen Tool or that his eye for the appropriate amount of color is impeccable. I went through his entire Instagram trying to figure out why it is I am so attracted to his work and I realized that it's because Taylor's work gives you an emotional connection to exactly what he's creating. You feel like you know the guy. That he's already you're friend and that you're having a conversation with someone who is drawing what you guys are talking about right in front of you. It's seriously so rad. 

Taylor has been one of my closest friends for years and I have had the absolute honor and privilege to be able to say that the designs that you guys see on our gear is because Taylor will take an idea that I have and say, "Nah that sucks. Check this out." Okay, not really. He's just fantastic.

You can find Taylor's work on Instagram and see exactly what I'm talking about.