Motorcycles & Coffee




I usually have a  plan with how I write these blogs.

I have them decked, "This week I'm going to talk about this, and then next week it'll be something about a shop or another artist, and then a recipe or something, and then a story." I had enough material and ideas to last the next few weeks, and then that way I could really really focus on the next few projects that BlackCat has been working on: new designs, a couple of collabs, truck work, more coffee, orders, you know-everything. 

On Wednesday after work, I was riding home and I got into an accident. 
This was not part of the plan. 
I've got a broken hand, two sprained wrists, alot of bruising, and did you not that when you nail your motorcycle tank with your pelvis, it looks like your entire down stairs got in a bar fight? Well if you don't know, now you know. 

Yes, I have a broke hand. Yes, I have two sprained wrists. Yes, it all hurts. Yes, I writing this with the hand that isn't broken. No, I did not put on these jeans by myself. Yes, that bothers me. 

Here is a list of things that do not bother me:
- Breathing
- Eating candy
- Watching documentaries on serial killers or something else that makes my girlfriend feel weird
- Friendship
- Friends coming over to bring you meals
- Friends taking care of your bike
- Friends coming to your house to give you a haircut
- Friends telling you that it's okay that you can't work

Accepting help is hard. In my head, I always feel like I'm the one that needs to be helping, not the one that should be accepting the, "hand out". Because there are people out there that need it more than me. There are people out there that deserve it more than I do. It's hard. I'm stubborn. I don't like it. 

I am always learning more and more about the people around me, but I'm mostly just reminded of why I surrounded myself with them in the first place. People that are constantly checking in to make sure that I have everything I need and that are always offering to help with the shop. 

I didn't have a plan when I started writing this. And I started writing this 2 hours ago, so that I could at least do SOMETHING productive this week.

I just wanted wanted to say thank you. For being here, supporting the shop, supporting me-my family, for giving me a place in the community that I have always admired. Thank you for everything. Let's high-five when I can use my hands again. Happy Wednesday. -- Nick