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A She Wolf on Wheels: Nina Marin

Sometimes, you have it all figured out. Everything is working smooth, you're running like a well-oiled machine. You don't need help because, "What is there to do?" You've got this. Clockwork. Easy Street. Caketown, USA. Population: YOU. Way to go. 

....I don't know what that's like. If YOU do, can you tell me? It SOUNDS tight. 

For the times where you feel like you have no idea what you're doing and need encouragement, find yourself a friend like Nina. 
Nina owns and operates She Wolf Moto Co., an Orange County-based vegan apparel company that uses part of their sales to give back to a different cause every month that benefits animals. Not only an incredible business owner, but incredible human being, I can always count on Nina to be that encouragement and understand that sometimes running a business and having a full time hustle actually really sucks. 

It's important to have that type of friend.

The kind that says, "Yeah I know it sucks, I'm right there too. Get up and do something about it. I am here for you." I am so proud to say that I know her. Here is a bit more about our BlackCat's dear friend and our very own She-Wolf, Nina Marin.

1. Please state your name for the record. Your full name. I want your middle name. 
Christina Elizabeth Marin aka ‘Nina’ aka ‘Auntie She Wolf’ to Wally. (Wally is my dog. Nina gave him a shirt one time. It's pretty fantastic.)

2. Where you from?
Born and raised in Orange County. Specifically, West Side Costa Mesa. 

3. How old are you?
Forever 21 (in my mind) JK  28

4. What do you do for work?
I am a full time independent hairstylist based in Downtown Santa Ana

5. How did you first start getting into drawing/art/being awesome? What was it that made you go, “THIS. This is the thing for me”?
I started She Wolf as a passion project. I wanted to create something that I would truly stand behind, even if It weren’t my idea. I attended the California Moto Market a few years back, and I couldn’t believe that something so wonderful existed. I had been a new rider at the time, so I was in need of all things ‘moto’. As a woman in the motorcycle scene, it’s really hard to find gear that fits correctly, and is also stylish (if you will). The CA Market opened my eyes to some of my favorite Women brands (and people) today! There was only one thing, LEATHER. I live a Vegan lifestyle, and of course, in the moto world that is unheard of. Which is why I am currently doing research to eventually create Vegan Moto Gear sometime in the future. I am looking to make gear that is environmentally friendly, great for all weather types, and most importantly, help protect from falls. And of course, STYLISH! I currently make tee’s, carry moto accessories, and fun stuff like stickers/buttons! A percentage of the proceeds go to a different animal charity each month. 

6. What is one thing that someone that is trying to do what you do should know? 
If this is something you’re doing to profit, you won’t have a good time. These things take time, and everyone I know in the industry work their asses off (can I cuss?). Sorry, work their ‘cuss’ off. I really enjoy making friends and being in a community that is supportive, empowering, and friendly. #blackcatfriendshipclubforever

7. What’s your favorite color?
Black on black on black( I want to insert all goth memes about wearing black here) 

8. Tell me one thing you love about what you do?
The community. The unconditional uplift and support from friends in the industry, as well as supporters/customers. It’s my absolute favorite thing when I get a photo of someone rocking She Wolf. I seriously want to cry every time (I’m extremely sensitive). It’s not just a T-shirt, there’s a lot that stands behind it. I’m sure you know what all that it just by reading above. 

9. Tell me one thing you hate about what you do? Why? Is there something that could change about it so that it could also be something you love?
Sometimes, I have a hard time translating my thoughts into an actual production. I guess that’s more of a self improvement kind of thing. I can get frustrated at times when it comes to research and reaching out to a possible manufacturer and being rejected. Vegan Moto Gear isn’t a thing, and I’d like to make it happen. 

10. What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever made? Do you have one? Why? Why not?
I’m really into the ‘She Wolves on Wheels’ Tee. It’s a spin off from one of my favorite 60’s Women Motorcycle films called ‘She Devils on Wheels’. Which was quite unheard at the time for women to ride. It speaks true empowerment from a harder time. I love anything Retro or Horror related, so its a perfect combination of that. 

Starting a business because starting a business is cool, is one thing-Starting a business IS cool. Hustling to get product out that you love, is freaking rad; but tarting a business because you see a need and want to contribute and participate in a community, is another machine all in itself. I think I speak for everyone that has ever worked with She Wolf Moto Co. or met with Nina can honestly say that there is no question as to why she is here. 

You can find all of She Wolf's gear on their instagram (@shewolfmotoco) of their website ( 

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