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BlackCat Coffee Tour 2018: Spoken Moto Bend/OR

You know what's cool? Coffee. 
You know what else is cool? Making friends. 
What's cooler than that? Friends that have coffee shops.

I'd like to introduce you to some new friends of ours that I met through, you guessed it, Instagram. I will always be the biggest advocate for Instagram and small businesses, BlackCat is 95% built upon social media and friendship...and me bothering people.  


Spoken Moto in Bend, Oregon is one of the raddest spots I've ever seen. 
I ripped this from their website...mostly because it's beautifully written and only partly because my hand is still broken. Check it out:

Take a step back to a simpler time, when the pace of life was a bit slower, the good times lasted a bit longer, and community meant more. Throttled with a deep passion for old school craftsmanship, vintage motorcycles, hand-roasted coffee, craft beer and quality goods - The Spoken Moto brand was born. Our headquarters in Bend, Oregon is housed in what was previously an old, forgotten mechanic’s shop known in it’s day as the “Pine Shed” in the Old Mill/Box Factory area. 

Coffee, motorcycles, beer, gear. friendship, and an appreciation for all of it under one roof. To say that Spoken Moto is, "super tight" would just be silly-But it definitely how I feel. To be able to build something that builds a community around itself and continues to contribute to it, is something that I will always support. 

Speaking of coffee, Spoken Moto serves Megaphone Coffee Co., a roaster local to Bend which I feel like, is so important. Involving local companies to grow together to be a part of other local companies is just like double prizes. Not to mention that Megaphone is freaking delicious, I had to bother a few people to have them mail me a bag of their "Constant Companion," a Peruvian/Honduran espresso blend that you can ONLY get at specific locations in Bend, OR.

Here at BlackCat, we support businesses that support people, and I feel like Spoken Moto is doing it so well. If you're ever in Bend or just in Oregon or you just feel like you need a road trip, maybe take the time to, "Take a Step back into a simpler time" and high five everyone in the shop for us. Tell 'em BlackCat sent you. Tell them we appreciate what their doing. Order a vanilla latte for me. 

Happy Wednesday.