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New Year, Same You.

I feel like you'd see this on one of your mom's friends Facebook pages and some mutual friend named, "Karen" is going to put "YOU KNOW THATS RIGHT!" And put the emoji of a wine glass or something.

I feel like you'd see this on one of your mom's friends Facebook pages and some mutual friend named, "Karen" is going to put "YOU KNOW THATS RIGHT!" And put the emoji of a wine glass or something.

Happy New Year, friendos!
Welcome back to the BlackCat Blog Club.
Today is a special one. Why? Because every blog is special, obviously. Just kidding. Kind of. I think they’re special.

I’m bias.

Today is special because it is a brand new year and I know the saying is, “New Year, New Me”. I understand the reasoning. It makes sense. The New Year affords you the opportunity to start fresh, to allow you to say to yourself, “This year is going to be different. I’m leaving my old self behind and start BRAND NEW. This is my year. Stupid old me can SUCK IT.”

And that’s great. Getting positive, going in and saying, “These are the things I wanna do this year, this is how I’m going to do it. This is how I want to be,” is a RAD way to set yourself is a productive mindset and get your year off on the right foot.

And almost every year, I do the same thing. I say “BYE old me. I’m starting FRE$H,” and then 3 weeks later, I find myself going, “Ah crap.” Because I didn’t really change much. I’m still me. Doing the same stuff. Being the same bummer I was the year before and not figuring out what went wrong other than I just didn’t do the things that I said I was going to do or DOING the things I said I was going to STOP doing. And then I’m sad.

Did you catch that?

I’m still me.

REWIND. *insert scritchy scratchy record rewind sound*

I am a huge advocate of self-improvement, self-motivation, self-starting, and over all self…uh…stuff. Big fan. Huge. But I think that self-improvement also comes with the realization that improving, starting fresh, and hitting reset doesn’t mean that you go back into yourself as a person and just command+Q your entire life and hope someone gives you a new one. (Thats a Mac joke. Command+Q is a shortcut for “Quit”. Just in case you didn’t know.)

This past week my girlfriend, Riley, and I made a spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet of all of our goals-short-term, medium, and long-term in a bunch of different categories: General, Finances, Career, Relational, Social…I mean there are a lot of categories and terms and things and at first it was so overwhelming. There are so many things that I really just had not thought about and really hadn’t set a goal for myself to achieve this year, if at all-ever. And we sat there for about an hour and went through each one of our answers and HOW we were going to get those goals. At least how we were going to try make progress on them. And that’s something else I never thought of. HOW?! You know, I thought I would just, “Figure it out” in true BlackCat fashion, like I do.

But it really hit me that, as people, having a purpose drives what we do. Why are we doing the things that we’re doing every day? What is it that’s so motivating to keep doing certain things that maybe don’t get recognition for but makes you happy? And on the other side, why do we keep doing things that we actually hate? Why do I keep smoking cigarettes even if I actually don’t even enjoy it anymore? Maybe because it gives my hands something to do when I’m nervous? THAT’S the thing I want to figure out about myself. Why am I doing the things I do? Where am I pulling this energy from?

But then there was a part that Riley wrote that asked the question, “What needs to happen in order to achieve this goal?” What do you need to do to at least set it in motion? Where do you start? What’s the game plan?

And then my eyeball did that thing where it get’s a little crooked because somehow something just made sense a little bit more than it did a few seconds ago.

I realized that, “New Year, New Me” makes me feel like I need to hit the reset button and take everything that I did the past year and say, “BYE!” and start from the ground up…again. And it stressed me out. And it seemed like such an undertaking because I just spent a year, doing my best.

But doing your best and failing is another learning experience. It’s another chance to say, “I did okay this time but I’m going to try again, and do better.” Because you are always going to be you. And you’re still going to be you with the stuff that you’re working on.

I think that realizing that you are always going to be you is one of the most empowering realizations a person can have. You take everything you did the past 365 days and you build on top of it, not forgetting any of it, and learning from every single experience. And maybe that’s way too idealistic, and maybe a little too cut and dry, but it makes the most sense to me. And I think that it helps.

I understand change takes time-Everything is a process and sometimes we all need help. Like a spreadsheet, or a note that you stick on your computer or your bathroom mirror, or someone to say, “Hey. I know you’re working on this thing. How is it going? What do you need?” Be that for someone.

So this year, you’re going to be the same you and you’re going to do a great job being the you that you want to be. And that’s awesome. Because Dr. Seuss said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” And that’s super tight.

Go out and be you today. And tomorrow. And next week. And this year. And we can kick it sometime and talk about it. And It’s going to be great.

Happy New Year — Nick