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Look Back At It

1 year ago, I had never pulled an espresso shot. I mean I didn’t even know how to roast coffee or that coffee actually needed to be roasted. I had never actually made coffee for anyone before. I didn't know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte (PS. Do YOU know the difference? It’s the milk ratio. You’re welcome.). 1 year ago, I never thought that an idea I had while Cory and I were on tour in a van would actually be possible and this week we are one step closer to getting there.

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Inked, Ironed, and Befriended: Matt Allard

wanted to unload and talk about how much I fangirled over just being able to meet Matt and how rad his fancy boy accent is, but after reading over this little interview, I think that just talking about how much I like Matt and Inked Iron, would take away from what Matt has to say. Long story short: Friendship is tight. Meeting other business owners that hustle their 9-5 and their passion projects and their families all at once is tight.

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We Are The Professionals

If you’re taking on a new project, hobby, side hustle, whatever: Take it seriously. Put in the work. Hustle hard. And above all, and I’m still working on this-Don’t try to compare yourself in your progress to the people around you.

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The Ramblings of a Village Idiot

This community is here for you. We, at BlackCat, are here for you just like you have been here for us. And if BlackCat is never known for making good coffee, putting out good gear, or giving out good high fives, I hope that it is remembered as a company that stood by what we started doing and committed to from the start: People that support people, supporting people. 

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