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Ramble on with Jesse Contreras

Over the past couple of years, we have met some pretty incredible people. I mean, absolutely incredible. But there are a few of those incredible people we’ve met that we have the privilege of calling our friends. True friends. Friends that you call when you’re low, when you’re stoked, when you’re bored, when you found a meme that would make them upset. A little over a year ago, I received a bunch of ‘likes’ on Instagram and then an order from Jesse…and somehow, through the magic of instagram, text messaging, high fives, and motorcycle shows, Jesse is, what I would consider, one of my closest friends.

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New Year, Same You.

I think that realizing that you are always going to be you is one of the most empowering realizations a person can have. You take everything you did the past 365 days and you build on top of it, not forgetting any of it, and learning from every single experience. And maybe that’s way too idealistic, and maybe a little too cut and dry, but it makes the most sense to me. And I think that it helps.

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Someone Out There Loves You

For a lot of you guys, the holiday season is pretty fantastic: Time for families to come together, hang out, eat food, time off of work is always tight, friendship, parties, more food, presents, reasons to be thankful, and an overall sense joy because it’s the end of the year and in a few weeks, the new year gives a chance to start with some new goals and plans for the next 365 days. Sometimes 366. Leap years. Those are important too. Also, food.

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Support Your Friends...Even If They're Screaming.

For the most part, I've been holding it together and reassuring myself something will come along. And in the slump of a depression earlier this week, I realized how most of the people we know are going through the same thing: uncertainly. Family, business, bills, money, relationships, it goes on and on. BUT, as I was talking to Nick this week, the coolest thing I've experienced, especially in the moto community, is the level of support for each other. 

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