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BlackCat Coffee Tour 2018: Messenger Coffee KC/MO

Remember that time I said, "I'm taking a vacation for a week while I drive from Detroit to California and I am NOT working." ? I do. That was tight. Also it was kind of a lie. Every time I've made this drive, I made sure that I was able to visit a local coffee shop in every state. Beginning in Michigan and all the way to Arizona, I was able to experience a different shop and a different culture within each little community and it was the best.

Here we go: BlackCat Coffee Tour 2018.

We're starting with one of my favorite roasters and one of the freakin' frackin' coolest shops I have ever had a chance to check out: Messenger Coffee. 

Get ready to see a few photos from the shop, but not very many because I was just too excited to be in a 3 story coffee shop. 

Okay first of all, Messenger Coffee is 3 stories tall-it was built out of the original Dunlop Tires building. Three floors. Coffee shop, roasterie, and rooftop lounge/deck- complete with another serving bar and some SERIOUS views of the city. 

I wanted to be able to write something incredibly insightful to really portray how rad this shop is but I’m literally going to rip a direct quote from their own website-because its perfect: 

“Messenger was born out of a collaboration between three coffee companies with like minded people coming together to create a Kansas City coffee company focused on great coffee and good relationships. We're huge on cafe relationships, and we're big on respecting and improving coffee quality at the farm.” 

Boom. A company built out of collaboration, relationships, and the need to improve coffee itself AT the source.



Which brings me to another reason why this shop blew my mind: Messenger Coffee uses a “Farm Direct Coffee” badge. “Cool…I guess?” Check it out: “We established our 'Farm Direct Badge' to certify a coffee purchased under a contract that directly impacts improvements with the farmers of that coffee. This always includes offering a high end price with prices negotiated at the farm level. By making deals at the farm level we avoid some big margin or middleman that could prevent us from helping the farmers.” 

You guys. This shop was so cool. Their message is incredible. The people were lovely. But the coffee: NEXT. LEVEL. 

At every coffee shop I visit, I order an iced vanilla latte. Why? Um. How about because they’re delicious? But not only that, to me, if you can build an iced flavored latte and I can still taste all of the flavors of your coffee-I have a total understanding of what you’re doing. Maybe I made that up just now as an excuse to drink iced vanilla lattes. YOU don’t know. 

In all seriousness, This shop blew my mind. The entire experience of Messenger Coffee, their mission, and their people made me feel so proud to be a part of this community. Kudos, friends. I will definitely be seeing you soon. --Nick

(You can head over to and order yourself a lovely coffee experience, I recommend the Gilmer’s Estate – A Peruvian coffee with Notes of cascara, caramel, grapefruit, candied lemon with a floral aroma. Follow them on instagram @messengercoffee)