Motorcycles & Coffee
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Our bad luck set us apart from the rest of the world, and our bond to one another pushed us above and beyond.
— Sean Peavy; First Four

We wanted to create something that spawned an atmosphere that appeals to all ages, a place that doesn’t feel exclusive to someone with little knowledge of coffee, motorcycles, or art appreciation. Together, with the help of all of you, Costa Mesa can have a space that encourages people not only to patron our shop but to stay and absorb the overall experience of the culture and community as well. BlackCat will build relationships through local artist showcase, community involvement, and local influence and outreach as well as give back to our community in more ways than just a cool spot to grab a solid cup of coffee.

 In this day and age, for most people, drinking coffee is a daily routine: on your way to work, on your way home, all-nighters, early mornings, study sessions, and social gatherings. Not only that, coffee is used as a vehicle for conversation-Grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, potential boss, or potential business partner is now a way of life. It’s easy. A coffee meeting can be as formal or as informal as you want it to be.

 Like most motorcycle enthusiasts: men and women who ride, we love working on our bikes. Customizing each bike to make them our own. The tricky thing about that is finding parts, sure there’s the local Harley or Moto shop around, but we want to carry companies that maybe most people haven’t heard of and the ones you have, you can only get their gear by ordering it, waiting a couple days and hoping the Postal Service doesn’t lose your package. Buying gear is all about the experience: being able to hold that one piece you’ve been eyeing in your hand and physically comparing it to its competitor. What’s great about motorcycle culture, we think, is the camaraderie: bike nights, camping trips, group rides and the friendships you build through events like that-ALL centered around motorcycles. We want to bring that culture to the shop. 

As musicians ourselves, we understand finding venues to showcase your band can be a struggle especially if you’re not selling out shows all over the state. It is equally difficult as an artist to showcase your work if you can’t feature your work in a gallery. We want to bring opportunities to local musicians and artists to be heard and seen and eventually establish BlackCat as a music/art destination, where artists and musicians can be featured and receive recognition within the city. 

We love our city. Costa Mesa has felt like home for us since we came to live here after college. However, Anyone that lives here or in any part of Orange County can’t deny the fact that the homeless population isn’t a small one. The 2015 annual estimate for the unduplicated number of homeless people in Orange County was 15,291 persons and even though Orange County has a 10 year plan to end homelessness, it’s up to us our community to help. Once BCMC is funded and the doors to the shop are opened, a fraction of each coffee and BCMC product will go to "self-care kits"- packages of small items: socks, toothbrushes, small snacks, etc.From there we want to schedule a monthly ride with all of our friends to the cities that need us most to deliver these kits to homeless singles, parents, and their children. We are constantly thinking of ways to help our community and the families in it, we want everyone we know to be a part of this project so if you know of a company-even your local church/house of worship that shares a passion for the homeless or the local community-we want to know what and specifically who they are and how we can help. Even if you can't donate financially to BlackCat, telling people about the project and what we are trying to do is involvement we welcome and are incredibly grateful for. We want to create a company that supports the people who support us. 

What we need now is a boost; backers who are going to help us establish this creative space that also gives back to the community. We love coffee. We love motorcycles. We love music. But most of all, we love people and this project is an investment in the people of Costa Mesa and hopefully beyond just the City of Costa Mesa. If you can share this vision and you want to see it manifest, contribute what you can; show your support.