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How to Fail a Kickstarter

In 2015 we decided that BlackCat was going to be more than just a group of friends getting together every week to hang out. Cory and I decided that the best way to get a running start would be to build a Kickstarter, shoot a rad video, and because it was "such a good idea," people couldn't not give us their money. 


So we shoot this video. We spend a month researching the best way to build your Kickstarter page and set yourself up for success, dropped the video, posted it on all social media platforms...and failed. Miserably. 

And it was the best thing that could have happened.

I really believe that the best way to learn is to fail. A lot. Over and over and over again. I promise there's a reason. Every time you fail, every time you do your best and it isn't enough, you go back to your original plan and you backtrack to see where the wheels fell off. 

We have revamped the way we operate over and over and every time we do, I realize we catch things that we could be doing better-more efficiently, more budget conscious, and in ways that better benefit our community and the companies that have given us a chance. 

This was our first attempt to do something we truly believe in. A lot of things have changed since we first put this video out into the world (Like choosing not to wear a leather vest anymore. Sorry.) and a lot of things will change after I write this (Like maybe wearing a leather vest again. Sorry.), but I want anyone reading this and wondering to themselves, "What if I mess this up? What if this doesn't work?" to know this: failing this Kickstarter campaign, going back to the drawing board, and deciding, "We're going to do this on our own" was one-if not the BEST-decision we could have ever made. 

Follow your passion. Screw stuff up. Do things that make you happy. Take care of people. Extend your family table. Build a legacy. Ride motorcycles. Drink coffee. 

BlackCat forever. 

-- Nick

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