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BlackCat began with the desire to one day create an atmosphere that appeals to all ages—a communal shop in Costa Mesa to showcase local artists, build relationships, drink good coffee, and work on our motorcycles. But more importantly, we wanted to give back to our community in more ways than just a cool spot to grab a solid cup of coffee.

We started with screen printing t-shirts in Nick’s apartment. Then we bought a coffee roaster, and began sustainably-sourcing beans. Then we started getting invited to set up a tent at local moto events, to sling coffee and meet new friends.

And before we knew it, we bought our truck-- the Cat Mobile. Taking BlackCat mobile will allow us to do more events with a higher turn of profit – so we can do more for the homeless population of Orange County and the organizations we support.

See, we love our city. Costa Mesa has been a welcoming home to us since we came to live here after college. However, anyone who lives here or in any part of Orange County, can’t deny the fact that the homeless population here isn’t dwindling. In 2015, it was estimated that there were over 15,000 homeless persons in Orange County-- and the number continues to grow. Even though Orange County has a 10-year plan to end homelessness, it’s up to us and our community to help.

That’s why 10% of every BCMC coffee sale goes to "self-care kits" for the Orange County homeless population. These packages of small items include socks, toothbrushes, small snacks, etc. We also support several small businesses and nonprofit organizations from here to Nashville through our coffee partnerships. We still dream of having a storefront, but we’re pretty excited for what we’ve been able to do in our community so far, thanks to all of you.

Coffee and motorcycles are our hobbies, but people are our passion.


BlackCat Motorcycles & Coffee

BlackCat Motorcycles & Coffee


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