Motorcycles & Coffee

The Owners


Nick Galaura(Right)/Cory Linman(Left)

Nick Galaura(Right)/Cory Linman(Left)

Nick Galaura:

I was born in Hawaii and raised in Los Angeles, California. Went to high school in Torrance and college in Costa Mesa where I met some of the best and unluckiest people I have ever known. I started BlackCat Boys Club in 2013 with my best friends as a way for us to get together every week and build a consistent supportive community within my group of friends. I really believe that having a group of people that you can depend to come alongside of you and build you up into something you never saw yourself becoming is one of the most important things in anyone's life. When Cory and I decided that BlackCat Motorcycles & Coffee was going to become as much of a reality as we could make it, this is exactly the type of "safe space" I felt that we could build within Orange County and across the Motorcycle and Coffee communities as well. A place that has something for everyone and more than that, a place that gives back to the neighborhoods and cities where it's roots have been placed. There are a lot of moving parts: In-house roasted coffee, in-house designed and screened clothing, all featuring stuff we love: motorcycle stuff, cats, American traditional tattoo styled artwork. We invest our money in the things we care about: homeless outreach, local non-profits, disaster relief, local artist collaborations, supporting other small business, and above all making new friends and helping them wherever and whenever we can. I think that's my favorite thing about this entire "Small-Business Owner" journey so far. I love meeting people and constantly being reminded that this shop is so much bigger than just a coffee and clothing company. It really is a  business about people and the longer we keep the shop going, roasting coffee, designing gear, slinging coffee at events, whatever it is we're involved in-we are constantly building relationships and growing our community.  To me, this is family. 

Cory Linman: 

Growing up I always found myself feeling like I was on the outside of a lot of friend groups. I kinda just had my own way of doing things, and found myself gravitating towards people who did the same. When Nick and I met in college, I knew we were one in the same-we just had this mutual understanding and respect for the other. That's what BlackCat is to me: a unity of individuals who can come together and share their enthusiasm for the things we all love. I think that is what resonates within people and why after telling everyone what we’re trying to do, the idea is met with such enthusiasm. BlackCat is going to be a place of community. We want you to feel like once you come through the doors of BlackCat, you’re already a regular, you feel welcome, like a part of the family. You belong here.